Spider-Man - New Coverage and Trailer Revealed

UPDATE: Developer Insomniac has made it very clear that Spider_Man will not be coming out for XBox One, and that it is a PS4 exclusive. It was also updated that Spider-Man will be released September 7th on the PS4

New information has been released about Insomniac's upcoming game Spider-Man. All the high flying action and bad guy take downs are shown in a new exclusive trailer.
 The developer Insomniac talks about how this Spider-Man is not the inexperienced superhero we have seen in the movies. This is a Spider-Man that knows his powers, and knows how to use them. The video shows Spider-Man swinging through the city with ease, transitioning from swinging to wall repelling, to running along roof tops seamlessly. It looks amazing.

 We even get to see combat sequences between Spider-Man and multiple bad guys.  The action shows the web slinging Spider-Man grab a villain with his web and fling him into another. The next scene then shows Spider-Man using a special web, that shoots a web packet at a villain. When that packet lands it then fires out another web at the villain's buddy causing them to slam together and then get pinned to the ground in a web trap. Very Cool!

 The trailer even goes on to show (what looks like a cut scene) Spider-Man on top of a hijacked truck. He jumps off the side of the truck then spins and shots a web to fling himself through the truck and knock the villain out. It is a great sequence and one that I hope can actually be played out in the game.
 Check out the gameinformer trailer from YouTube below:

   As more information is released it will be covered here. Are you excited for Spider-Man? Post your comments below!

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