MONSTER HUNTER WORLD - Mega Man Outfit is now LIVE!

 The Monster Hunter World Spring Blossom event is in full swing. The event is running from April 6th to the 19th and during this event players are able to revisit all the old event quests as well as grabbing some new goodies.

 One of the new quests that just went live is "A Rush of Blood". This quest allows the player to unlock the new Mega Man Palico gear and weapon. The quest takes the player to the challenge arena to take on 2 Odogarons. A nice bonus to completing this quest for the first time is getting a guaranteed miniature crown, as one of the Odogarons is about half a normal one.

 To claim the new Mega man outfit the player will need to redeem 3 tickets for the armor and 2 tickets for the weapon. The amount of the tickets obtained from the quest does vary but worst case the quest would have to be done 5 times. Soon players will be hunting monsters with an 8-bit friend at their side.

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