Fortnite Battle Royale - New Content Update...Vending Machines

 The world's most played video game is adding more content this week. Epic games announced that every other week it will be adding new content to the game with out the need for a patch. They are calling these updates "Content Updates" (amazing!). The reason for this new path, is for them to be able to provide new content to the players while still being able to work on bugs and fixes. The best of both worlds.

 In the latest Content Update, which is v3.4, Epic games has released vending machines as the new content for Battle Royale. What these machines will do is give the player a random item in exchange for materials collected from the map. According to the content notes, the vending machines will be in various locations around the map and each vending machine will have a rarity attached to it. So if you find a purple vending machine it will spit out purple items (the same with white, green, etc).
 The rarity of the vending machine will also affect the material cost required to get an items:
White(common) vending machines will cost 100 materials 
Green(uncommon) vending machines will cost 200 materials 
Blue (rare) vending machines will cost 300 materials 
Purple(epic) vending machines will cost 400 materials 
Gold(legendary) vending machines will cost 500 materials 
 Also the vending machine will sell a different item for each different type of material (wood, stone, metal). The selection will change automatically with a timer, and that timer can be sped up when the vending machine is hit with a pickaxe.

 To go along with the new vending machines, Epic games has also added a new limited time game mode called High Explosives v2. In this mode all non-explosive weapons will be removed from the map, friendly fire is off, and the wait between storms has been reduced. Of course because this is an explosive mode, loot adjustments have been made to the drop rates on rockets, grenades, rocket launchers, and guided missiles 
 There is a lot of changes in this patch not only to Battle Royale but also to the Save the World PvE mode. To see the full list of changes click here.

Are you still playing Fortnite? What do you think of the vending machines? Leave a comment below!

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