Star Wars Battlefront II - New Loot Boxes and Progression Announced

 Starting March 21st EA has announced it will start rolling out new changes to how Battlefront II handles gameplay enhancing items and progression. EA came under fire for having "pay to win" items that could be bought for real money. This backlash caused EA to pull all mirco-transactions from the game and rethink how these transactions could be better implemented.
 So with progression they have made it a linear process. According to their website, all gameplay impacting Star Cards or items will no longer be available for purchase. The only way to earn them is through in game activities and gaining experience. When you have gained enough experience you will receive a skill point, and these points can be used to upgrade or unlock eligible Star Cards.
 Also the loot crates earned in game will no longer contain Star Cards and will no longer be purchasable with real money. All contents of the loot box will be cosmetic items, or credits (in game currency). They have promised there will be nothing in the loot crates that will impact gameplay.
 Now if you did want to spend some real money on items, you will be able to purchase "appearances" with in game credits or Crystals (bought with real world cash). These again are purely cosmetic, and will only change the way your in game hero will look not act. This will go live in April.
 All these updates are welcome changes to the game and players that have stuck with the game will appreciate the level playing field. You never know, maybe this will get some of the people who avoided the game at launch to check it out now. Only time will tell!

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