PUBG - PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds Hits Major Milestone on Xbox

 Microsoft has just announced a big milestone for PUBG and XBox. The game has been on the PC for a while now but on the XBox it has only been a few months. In those short month PUBG has managed to hit 5 million players.
 Unlike Fortnite, which is also seeing huge success, PUBG is not a free game and to have 5 million players is a big win for Microsoft and Bluehole. The developer, Bluehole, has been working hard to get the console version up to the PC standard. While still not there, they have been working hard and have released the ninth patch on March 2nd.
 To celebrate this achievement Microsoft has released a video highlighting (see below) players and events from the game. They also released a infographic show some of the key stats from the game.

 In addition to this all players on the Xbox will receive a free cosmetic item: the PUBG5 jacket. This item will be activated on all accounts n March 22nd. Pretty sweet deal.

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