PUBG - Now With Events!

 In a developer post Bluehole has announced that it will be implementing limited timed events in their game. The matches will be custom matches where they will try new things and experiment with different variables.
 The first of these events will be happening this week and they have stated that it will be a very simple event. For this event squads can be up to 8 players (instead of the usual 4) and the drop rate for rifles has been doubled. I guess want to see how this event plays out but they do say they have exciting things planned for the future.
 PUBG is playing some catch up with the new number one Battle Royale game Fortnite but they are obviously not letting the crown go easily. This new announcement isn't the only thing that Bluehole has done to keep up with the competition. They have also released their own mobile versions of PUBG on iOS and Android. They are actually one up on Fortnite as it isn't on Android yet.
 It will be interesting to see how this plays out and if players will respond positively.

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