PUBG - New Event Mode with Flares!

 About a week ago PUBG announced that it was going to follow in Fortnite's footsteps and start doing events. These events were meant to add something a little less serious to the game and not affect the player's rank.

 PUBG's first event was fairly basic, with modifiers to rifle drops and the ability to form 8 man squads instead of the standard 4. In this newest event mode PUBG will be adding a new "weapon" the flare gun.
 The flare gun will drop in a limited number and only in single story houses. To use the flare guns players must point directly up into the sky before pulling the trigger and the flare must reach an altitude of 200 meters. Once the player has found a flare gun and fired it properly it will summon their own personal supply drop.

 The  supply drops that will be summoned will bring some very good items. It will contain two care package weapons, level 3 armor, along with the normal care package supplies. The weapons and armor will be in the supply drops 100% of the time.
 The event starts today and runs until April 1st at 7pm PDT. Will you be trying the new event? Did you try the last event and like it? Leave a comment below!

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