PUBG - 1 Year Celebration

  Has it been that long already? I remember the hype about this new game coming out by the same guy who created the original mod on ARMA II. The hype was real and the sales and success were also very real.

  PLAYERUNKNOWN BattleGrounds went on to be the number one selling game for pretty much the entire year. It dominated Twitch and it was all anyone talked about. This was all while it was still early access.
 That was then and this is now. PUBG is still going strong, it has come out of early access and now it has reached it's one year anniversary. To celebrate this one year anniversary PUBG is giving anyone who logs into their account before May 1st, a free weapon skin.

 This skin (shown below) is not tradeable or destructible, so you have it whether you want it or not. A nice gesture by the developer and is also a nice lead in to the next large patch that is coming (weapon skins anyone?).

Are you still playing PUBG? What do you think about the next year? Leave a comment below!

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