No Man's Sky - Huge NEXT Update Coming.......Multiplayer?!?!

 I must say Hello Games is dedicated. After a huge amount of hype for their game No Man's Sky, and then the fall out from the game not hitting player expectations, they have stuck with it.

 In a tweet from Sean Murray, the head of Hello Games, he teased about a huge update coming Summer 2018. Not much was revealed other then the update is called NEXT, and it also marks the debut of the game on XBox. Having the game on XBox shows that the exclusiveness of PS4 must have run out and it opens up the game to a brand new market. Another area of space that No Man's Sky will venture into is the Asian market with WeGame, which is a part of Tecent.

 I actually really liked No Man's Sky. I put in over 100 hours into the game just exploring and gathering materials. All the updates they have put out since launch have made the game 10x the game it originally was.

 The one feature that they kind of added in the last patch was a sort of multiplayer but not true multiplayer that lets you explore space and new worlds with friends. With Sean Murray stating that this patch was "huge" I am leaning towards the possibility of there being a more fleshed out multiplayer experience here. By getting the game into a couple new markets (XBox and WeGames) and adding in a huge feature like actual multiplayer might be the update that gets players back into exploring deep space again.

 Did you buy No Man's Sky? Did you still play it? Will you play it again after the NEXT update? Post a comment below.

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