Monster Hunter World - New Weekly Event Quests March 30th to April 5th

 It is that time of the week again and there are new quests in Monster Hunter World. According to Monster Hunter Twitter the quests are now live.

 This week it looks like there are some good quests to farm giant and minature crowns. Also the Kulu-Ya-Ku helmet can be obtained by completing the "Egg Lovers United".
  Below I have included all the details of the reset, obtained from the Monster Hunter Reddit.

Weekly Events
Quest NameLocaleRequirementsObjectiveSpecial Rewards
Chew the FatAncient ForestNoneHunt 2 Great Jagras
Egg Lovers UnitedArenaHR 11 or higherHunt a Kulu-Ya-KuMaterials for
Kulu-Ya-Ku Helmet, Guaranteed Golden Giant Crown,
Increased chance
for egg trade-in
Effluvial OperaRotten ValeHR 13 or higherHunt a Great Girros,
Radobaan, Bazelgeuse, and
High chance
for miniature
and giant

Weekly Challenges

Quest NameLocaleRequirementsObjectiveSpecial Rewards
Challenge Quest 2: IntermediateSpecial ArenaHR 13 or higherSlay 2 Odogaron
Nergigante Slay Event 1ArenaHR 16 or higherSlay Nergigante
Nergigante Slay Event 2ArenaHR 16 or higherSlay Nergigante
Nergigante Slay Event 3Special ArenaHR 16 or higherSlay Nergigante

 Available UTC: 3/22 00:00 - 5/10 23:59

Weekly Bounties

Ecology Survey: Hunt Bird WyvernHunt 3 specified monstersResearch Points, 4 x Armor Sphere
General: Rotten ValeComplete 5 quests in the specified localeResearch Points, 2 x Armor Sphere+, First Wyverian Print
Ecology Survey: Hunt BazelgeuseHunt 4 specified high rank monstersResearch Points, 5 x Advanced Armor Sphere, Silver Wyverian Print
General: Limited BountyComplete all limited bountiesResearch Points, Gold Wyverian Print, Silver Egg
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