Monster Hunter World - New Event Quests March 23 to 30

 It's Friday and that means new event quests for Monster Hunter World. If you are not familiar, every Friday Capcom resets the 3 event quests, that can be on the quest board under the events tab. The Event Quests this week are Greeting the Gluttons, Flesh Cleaved to the Bone, and Tracking the Delivery.

 Along with the Event Quests comes new Limited Bounties that can be found and completed at the resource center. The 3 limited bounties this week are, Hunt Kulu-Ya-Ku (x3), Hunt Brute Wyverns (x5), Clear Rank 9 Quests (x5). This will keep hunter's on their toes as this week's selection is no puch over.
 As always Gaijinhunter has posted another great video, detailing all the quests and what to expect from each one. So for even more details, check out his video below.

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