Monster Hunter: World - New Event Quests March 16 to 22

It's Thursday and the new event quests are right around the corner. Capcom has kept us all very busy by releasing a steady stream of new weekly and monthly content. This is all building up to the big Deviljho release coming March 22nd.
What I have done to make it easy for you, is list out the three new quests and their requirements:

  • Ya-Ku With That?
    • 4 Star Quest
    • In the Special Arena   
    • HR 6 or higher
    • Objective to hunt all monsters
    • Monsters- Kulu-Ya-Ku + Tziti-Ya-Ku
    • Reward 4230z
  • Rollin' With The Uragaan  
    • 7 star quest
    • In the Elder Recess
    • HR 13 or higher
    • Objective to hunt 2 Uragaan
    • Monsters - Uragaan x2
    • Rewards 23400z
  • Keeper of the Otherworld
    • 9 star quest
    • In the Confluence of Fates
    • HR 16 or higher
    • Objective slay Xeno'jiiva
    • Monsters - Xeno'jiiva
    • Rewards - Unknown

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