Minecraft - Welcome to the City of Anarchs

 In my last post about Minecraft I looked at what one individual can do with some time and imagination. It was very impressive, but what happens when you have a team of up to 13 people working on the same project?

 In an article on Minecraft.net they talk to the team Octovon who created a massive 2000 by 2000 block post-apocalyptic city. They talk about how they were commissioned to build this massive project, and how it was the largest they had ever done. To plan for the build they had to do a lot of research online, looking for pictures and references that worked with what the client wanted to accomplish.
 The whole project took 7 members of the team 8 months to finish, and you can see from the pictures the work is very impressive. Have a look at the City of Anarchs and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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