Minecraft - Aquatic Bedrock Beta Update

 To all Minecraft players. If you are playing on the Windows 10, Android, or Xbox One version of Minecraft, you can try and test out the Bedrock Aquatic Update.
 This isn't a throw back to the Flintstones (yes I am old), this is a whole new biome with a ton of new features. The beta will include new swimming animations, tridents, stripped logs, Prismarine stairs, and a new hostile mob that they are telling players to avoid while underwater.
 Looks like fun and I am sure I will have some testers here that will want to give it a shot. If you are interested, then click here for more information on the new area. Also here
there is a guide on how to install Minecraft betas

Please post a comment if you have tried the beta or are going to try it

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