Fortnite Battle Royale - Free Loot for Twitch Prime Members

 Fortnite Battle Royale has just announced another giveaway to Twitch Prime Members. Starting March 29th members will start to see the loot show up in game.

 To be a twitch prime member you need to be subscribed to Amazon Prime. This is a service that gives members, priority shipping and free delivery on items bought through Amazon. One of the side perks to this membership (along with movies, and music) is a Twitch Prime membership. Along with getting free stuff for different games, you also get free full games and the ability to support one streamer of your choice each month.

  The giveaway in Fortnite this time is an exclusive Havoc outfit and back bling. The sub commander outfit and glider, along with the havoc and sub commander heroes. Also members will get 4 exclusive Twitch chat emotes.
  To claim these items, login to your twitch account and then link your Epic games account with your twitch account (only have to this once). Epic has said there will be more goodies coming in the next few weeks, so if your a Fortnite fan, it might be worth looking into a Prime membership.

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