Fortnite - The Boogie Bomb Bug!

 Yesterday Epic Games posted on their Twitter account that they will be removing the boogie bomb from the game. The issue stems from a Reddit post where they posted a video how the boogie bomb can allow the player to carry an unlimited number of weapons.
 The video shows the player dropping one of their weapons, picking up boogie bomb and then using it. After they do their little boogie, the player picks up the weapon they dropped and then starts picking up more weapons their friend was throwing out. All the while their inventory was completely full. Obviously this is a game breaking bug. Having players running around with every gun, bomb and potion in their inventory takes some of the strategy out of the game.
 Epic was quick to respond and quick to take action. I am sure we will see the boogie bomb back soon, as it was definitely a fan favorite. Now say Boogie Bomb Bug five times fast!

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