Fortnite Battle Royale - New Patch v3.4

 Today Epic Games has released it's newest patch for it's hit game Fortnite Battle Royale. This patch (v3.4) adds new weapons, costumes and bug fixes to the Save the World and Battle Royale versions of the game.
 For Battle Royale, a new weapon has been added. It is called the Guided Missile. This weapon gives the player full control over range and maneuverability. Instead of try to blast through walls to get to your opponent, you can now go over, through a door or through a window! Check out the video.

 A new mode of Sniper Shootout has been added as well. This mode adds the hunting rifle and the crossbow to the mix but removes the magnum. In Sniper Shootout there is no downed state (so when your killed your out), legendary drops only come from supply drops, epic weapons only come from treasure chests and they also modified heavy ammo drops quantities.

 With Easter just around the corner, the developer has made a festive change to the grenade launcher. For a limited time, the grenade launcher will now shoot Easter eggs at other players or enemies. Be warned, these are not eggs you collect, as this update is purely cosmetic and the eggs explode just like a grenade.

 On the bug fixing side of things, Epic reports to have made big improvements to crossplay. Players can now add and remove friends (even if they are on another platform), can now receive and send crossplay party invites, and party finder now includes friends from other platforms. Also on the performance side Epic has made significant improvements to reduce lag by optimizing netcode and have increased texture visuals on Xbox and PS4. They even have the console versions running at 60FPS now, which is a huge improvement from the locked 30 FPS previously.

 There is a ton of fixes and tweaks in this patch. You can read about all the details here.
 In case you missed it, Epic games and Twitch also teamed up again to release more free content for Twitch Prime members, so there is a lot of new things to try in Fortnite this week.

 Are you excited about this patch? What feature or fix are you the happiest about? Leave a comment below!

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