Fortnite Battle Royale - Another Weapon Removed From the Game

 In the latest patch (3.3) Epic Games did a lot of tweaking and fixing to their Fortnite game. They added a bunch of new cosmetic items, new Llama loot pinata, and they exchanged one explosive weapon with another.
 The notes for the patch state that they added a new remote control explosive. This new weapon can be thrown by the player and the detonated at their leisure. They are hopeful that this weapon will strike a stronger cord with the players and become a part of the game meta.
 What wasn't part of the game meta was the smoke grenade, and it was removed from the game. Epic Games states the that the grenades "are just not being used quite as much as we wanted them to.and they want to reassess the weapon's usefulness as the game progresses. Like the SMG before it, it has also been put into the vault, so hopefully we will see these weapons again soon.

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