Fortnite Battle Royal - Incredible Shrinking Bug?

 In the latest Fortnite patch it looks like they released more then just fixes and cosmetic items. It looks like the new leprechaun skin is doing more then intended.
 In a video released by popular streamer Ninja, it shows another player running around in a leprechaun skin. Now this isn't the weird part, the weird part is that the player was a lot smaller then Ninja's character. Ninja is blown away by the small player, after he blows them away (I tried).

 After posting the video on twitter, a dev from Epic replied and stated that it was not an intentional thing to happen in the game. He has submitted to his team, to look into a fix. I am sure they wished it was an intentional feature of the leprechaun suit, as they couldn't have planned this bug any better.

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