Far Cry 5 - Preload Now Available

Far Cry 5 hype is building fast and furious. In the last 24 hours there has been a lot of updates coming from UbiSoft and some of their partners.

 If you did buy the game early on XBox, Uplay or Steam you will be able to preload the game now. UbiSoft opened up their servers for the preload on March 23rd. Unfortunately if you ordered on PS4 you won't be able to preload until midnight on March 25th. Now this isn't a huge deal since the full game isn't set to unlock until the 27th

 While the game has been getting buzz for it's story and gameplay, it also has a couple other features which should keep it replay value high. First is the map editor which in Far Cry 5 will allow the player to create a multiplayer map for up to 12 people in deathmatch or team deathmatch modes. The editor will also have over 9000 assets to select, everything from weapons, vehicles, and animals. To go along with the map editor is arcade mode. This will allow players to create solo and co-op missions for the game. I expect to see amazing map reproductions from other games along with some very cool original concepts.

 Right now the game seems to have been released to numerous streamers and websites around the internet. They are showing off game play and some of the crazy things you will see in game. No spoilers here, and if you want a fresh experience stay away from these videos.  As the reviews come out I will do a review round up to keep things simple. 

Did you pre-order? Post your comments below!

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