Destiny 2 - Heroic Modifiers Pushed to May

 Bungie has updated their development roadmap page to show the release of 1.1.4. This update is planned to be released on March 27th. Along with weapon/ability changes, there will also be Sandbox tuning, and Crucible changes which are detailed here. Also this update will give everyone the ability to participate in the Weekly Crucible Playlist. A list of the playlist dates was released and it will run through May 1.

  • March 27: Rumble
  • April 2: Mayhem
  • April 10: Iron Banner
  • April 17: Rumble
  • April 24: Mayhem
  • May 1: Iron Banner
 Bungie has been pushing hard to get their second Destiny game back on track. The season 3 update (1.2.0) is scheduled for May and this will also bring the Heroic Modifiers. These were originally planned to be released in 1.1.4. Are you going to check out these new updates? Do you still play Destiny 2 or have you moved on? Post your comments below.

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